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We are very much feeling and in the energies of the Solstice Gateway! The energies will be feeling way strong from now, until after the Solstice on the 21st. We are Celebrating the return of the light and Midwinter. During the Winter Solstice the The Wheel of the Year stops turning briefly. You may feel this deeply, or feel guided to stop and rest. This is a major time of Planetary And Galactic Upgrades. The Earth’s chakras activate, activating the Earth and us. Expect major light body activations as we are integrating a huge influx of light codes through the Solstice. You may be experiencing your ears ringing, buzzing, or hearing frequencies. This is part of the frequencies rising right now. The Winter Solstice is a doorway for ghosts and spirits. It’s the second most haunted time of the Celtic year. From the 6th to the 20th there is a lot of spirit activity. This begins to amp up during the Solstice and the next few days after. That means your loved ones, ancestors and spirit guides are here with you in the physical right now. Expect to see, sense, or to feel them a little extra right now. Expect to receive messages and even gifts from them. We have a lot of timelines clearing and converging. You may be dreaming of your past in the dream world. This may be things coming up related to past lives. Some of your experiences you had previously were tied to lives in the past. You’re healing a lot as you prepare for the year ahead. The Solstice Energies are powerful for tapping in. Pay attention to the guidance that you’re getting right now. It’s coming through in many forms.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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