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You may be purging from these Eclipse Energies. This could be physically, energetically, or just feeling ascension symptoms. We are clearing energies in a big way. We also have been receiving a lot of upgrades. The energies are getting intense and we are all feeling them. As the frequencies are going up anything unhealed is rising to the surface. That means you’re needing to be more gentle with yourself and to clear your energy more. Things like staying more positive, nature, energy work, and meditation help a ton. The 19th we have a powerful Venus-Aldebaran conjunction. Venus will pass by Aldebaran. Aldebaran is Taurus’s brightest star. It’s the eye of the bull. Venus will align with the Pleiades on that night. This is going to bring a beautiful energy and healing for your love life. If your a Twin Flame this is a big day for you. The Aries New Moon Hybrid Eclipse is the 20th. That means this Eclipse is super Galactic as it aligns with several of the main galactic stars, the Pleiades and Arcturius being a couple of them. Eclipses are here to get you back on track. They are here to shift you in a big way towards your destiny. Sometimes that can even be dramatic. For some that may be a person, or others maybe your purpose in life. April 21st we shift into Taurus Season. That means we will he feeling the increase in Pleiadian Energies over the next month and a huge relief after the climax of this first Eclipse Season.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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