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On The Energies…

Post Eclipse Energies while traveling through the Eclipse Gateway.You may need extra self care this week.The space in between these two Eclipses is powerful.You may be really feeling these energies in so many ways especially physically.You may need extra energy healing, rest, salt baths, good food, meditation, binaural beats (healing frequencies), and sage.The entire Planet is going through some huge energetic changes right now.You may even be experiencing Ascension Symptoms during this time.Not quiet feeling right, blockages within the body coming up, upset stomach, dizziness, or ear ringing.We have an intense Mercury Retrograde In progress right now.This may be making things fuzzy, or hazy right now.You will need extra time alone to sort out your thoughts right now.You may need a little extra quiet time right now.Allow the energies in your life to settle.It may feel a little slow as to things you’re trying to do or move.This is integration space.Things will begin to shift around you super fast as we move towards the end of may.We are going to do Beltane (May 1st).This is a Fairy Gateway and my favorite of the Celtic festivals.Expect major energies through the 5:5 Portal because of this.Beltane is huge for Lovers, and any Twin Flames.It’s energies tend to pull you together during this time.Huge day for your manifesting.This will be followed by a Scorpio Lunar Eclipse for the 5:5 Portal.You may feel a lot of emotions coming up, surfacing, or releasing leading up to it.This next Eclipse will be much more dramatic and will bring an intense energy.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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