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On The Energies…

July kicks off with 7 consecutive days in a row of Galactic Activation Portal Days. This month brings 11 Portal Days total. The lessons over the next week is all about healing, and tapping in. We should be doing activation work with these energies. That makes the week ahead time to be focusing on your healing. Tonight is our Venus/ Mars Conjunction. This is also bringing big energies. It’s a chance to bring healing to yourself and your other half. Healing deep wounds buried deep within the Feminine and the Masculine Collective. This Venus/ Mars Conjunction creates a strong pull and attraction between you and your destined partner, and their energy, no matter where they are, or what the situation. It may be pushing karma that is in the way, up for clearing. That means you may be repelling any karmic situations or karmic partners, or karmic players that have been in your life, or around you. This energy merger is bringing up and intensifying passion, sensuality, and relationship dynamics. This alignment will be triggering your deeper desires. This weeks energies will feel like your love life is under a microscope for you to look at for yourself. It’s also about to turn the notch up on your love and sex life. It’s also a very creative energy flowing through the Planet. Encouraging you to get inspired and on your mission. Amazing energies for healing, clearing, and releasing deep rooted relationship, or love blocks. Beautiful energies for any Twin Flames.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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