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On The Energies

We are in between two powerful portals. This space in between the 22:1:22 portal and the 2:2:22 Portal is so powerful. The 22:1:22 Portal kicked off a 10 day stretch of Galactic Activation Days. It has opened its own Energy Gateway, that we will move through until the 2:2:2022 Portal. That means we are going to move through an acceleration in our ascension, as we move through these energies. These are amazing energies that we can be using to make things happen. Some of you are Starseeds and are feeling a strong resonance within these energies. You are probably experiencing a spiritual awakening and activating in many different ways. Your being guided into healing more, and as you are, your frequency is rising. These energies are so strong that many are experiencing more and more of a state of Oneness with the whole. We have energies coming in like never before. Many of them Galactic. These energies are helping to raise up and to shift human consciousness on a collective level like never before. Get ready for massive changes to unfold across the collective this year as more and more awaken. The 2:2:22 Portal will bring some big energies. It’s a huge portal. This space is so big for your dreams and visions right now. The 2222 Portal is meant to be a very positive Gateway for any twin flames in separation. It’s meant to be a sign that that your growing towards union. Your soul is always working towards a reunion or divine union. We can also expect some solar winds this week. It’s a great time to be doing activation work with your third eye, as we are receiving huge influxes of light and massive third eye activations. We are going to be feeling the energies of both of these 2222 Portals through the end of this month. They are helping to shift us into February. We still are in Mercury RX, and Venus RX. Venus stays retrograde until March 1st too. This is pushing us to clear any blocks with our manifesting. We are meant to be clearing things as they come up within these energies.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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