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On The Energies…

Just really take care of yourself a little extra right now. In whatever way that may be. Now is the time to be working really hard on you yourself. We have things left to clear right now. This could just be things you have to take care of on your path. There is a lot of deeper healing work happening. It’s so important that we are also working on healing the things coming up, or coming to the surface in these energies. We are still in a massive wave of energy right now. You may need more rest to integrate it too. The energies are going to come back around tomorrow. We are in a huge Gateway right now. This month is bringing big energies as we prepare to shift into the Spring. These high frequency energies are amazing for helping to pull back the veil. Things should be a little more clear. You should be feeling better about your path. This space is all about what your creating. What your bringing through, or trying to bring into your life. Expect Miracles within this weeks energies. These are great energies for manifesting. It’s a great time to be holding a vision of what you want. These energies are helping to speed things up, with what we are manifesting. We are able to do so much faster. We also have a solar conjunction today with Saturn. This alignment is helping us to clear more of our karmic past. We are clearing the shadow/ any shame still affecting the solar plexus. These energies are helping us to clear past fragments. You may have old stories suddenly coming up for you to heal and integrate. Make sure your seeing yourself in the highest light this will help the energies rise in this chakra.

Sparks of Divine Light Healing

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