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Productive Growth May 16 2023Jupiter in Taurus

023, abundant and gift-giving Jupiter arrives here, where he’ll stay for a full, uninterrupted year. Moving on only on May 25, 2024, this growth-provoking planet expands all the topics of earthy Taurus, including money, resources, values and relationships. Those of us who are lucky enough to have any of our ‘big three’ in this earthy, sensual sign – The Ascendant, Sun or Moon – will likely feel this energy the most and have a year to remember.

In mythology, Jupiter was considered the “King of the Gods” as Zeus, the supreme deity. A son of Saturn, Jupiter was lucky enough to escape when Saturn devoured the rest of his children, fearing that they would usurp him. Jupiter did indeed grow up to return and overthrow his cruel father, earning him his title and bestowing upon him the gift of fortune and the quality of always landing on his feet. Thus, when Jupiter transits any sign – which is once every twelve years or so – he brings all kinds of gifts and blessings. In steady, slow and methodical Taurus, these gifts will come slowly but surely, just as long as we are patient and careful. Any growth that we crave, we need to map the path out and take the considered, steady steps needed in that direction. The rush and vigor of the previous sign – Aries – is replaced by the cautious, planning nature of Taurus. After all, Taurus isn’t one to change very quickly but a commitment is made, it’s forever.

This sign is also blessed enough to be associated with material abundance, strong values, harmony, beauty, love and practicality. During Jupiter’s time here, we may enjoy a time of increased sensuality and pleasure, perhaps even of hedonism. Whilst we can work hard, we’ll probably only do so if there’s promise of a tangible rewards, such as a salary increase or other kinds of material gains. There’s nothing wrong with this – Jupiter in Taurus urges us all to dive into the realms of physical pleasure and enjoy every last delicious drop of it. Being human is an embodied experience, and so, we need to make sure that we are a dropping into our physicality and experiencing this for ourselves. Any somatic work, such as massage, yoga or dancing, are practices to fully indulge in during this year. Mindful eating will be important, so that we can wholesomely nourish our physical vehicles, too.

The first thing that Jupiter will do, almost as soon as he enters Taurus, will be to square powerful Pluto, who will also recently have ingressed into a new sign after over a decade. This is likely to reflect intense experiences around resources and relationships, but it’s brief and will pass quickly. Our task will be to find a way to stand in the eye of the storm and not give into our dark side. When we do, we can find ourselves changed, even in the most subtle of ways, during this short but empowering cosmic moment.

Shortly after, Jupiter will conjoin the Moon’s North Node, which is a sign that all is abundant, all is well and everything we’re going through – now and in the next year - is for our soul’s highest growth.

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