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Scorpio New Moon – Karmic Release

The Scorpio New Moon & Eclipse is a powerful transformer. It helps you dive into your deepest fears and identify emotions so that you understand yourself better. Since Scorpio involves “relationships” it helps you assess your personal power within relationships, controlling behavior (either yours or others) and how to shift that to restore balance and feeling empowered. There is a karmic signature coming to your awareness that is beginning to clear out with this Scorpio New Moon.

Each New Moon begins a new lunar cycle. It’s a perfect time for setting intentions or beginning new projects. To make the most of each new moon, review your astrology birthchart to discover where 2 degrees of Scorpio is located in your chart. That way you set your goals based upon the “astrology house” Scorpio is falling in for you. There is a short tutorial video on this website that walks you through how pull a birth chart, with transits, so that you can maximize each cycle.

Karmic Upgrade

The Scorpio New Moon and Eclipse is transformative. It is symbolized by death and rebirth. What better time to re-write your plan and prepare for your next step. With the Scorpio New Moon, the sun and moon are conjunct Venus. There is a strong theme of dropping whatever or whomever no longer serves you and embracing what you love and value. When there is an eclipse, one of the nodes of the moon are involved. In this case, the South Node is in Scorpio. The South Node brings up past situations or people. There may be karmic contracts coming to an end. Scorpio helps you be decisive. Pluto (in Capricorn) is also helping you be authoritative and stand your ground with what you want.

To support you with this Karmic Upgrade, we will be gathering in a virtual space on October 24th to use a powerful meditation to set new moon intentions, energize our bodies, clarify our minds, so we harness our vital energy and manifest waves of abundance.

The Scorpio New Moon & Solar Eclipse takes place on October 25, 2022 at 6:49 am ET (3:49 am PT). Scorpio is an intense and transformative sign. As if Scorpio wasn’t intense enough, let’s add an eclipse to the mix. Many mystics consider meditation practices done during an eclipse window to be ten times more effective and intense than during other new moons. Eclipses push you forward, they are a portal that move your ideas forward faster. Be mindful and master your thoughts. Your thoughts, become your reality. Make sure you’re focused on the positive elements versus expanding what you don’t want. When you learn how to ride the eclipse wave, you can take the negatives out of your life and turn them into positives.

Values Upgrade

The Scorpio New Moon is a great time to get to the “heart” of what really matters. It’s easy to get caught up in fear and hype, when this new moon is asking you to be introspective and determine what matters most to restore balance in your life. It’s important to gain insight by viewing things from a higher perspective. View your life, situations and people from a place of love versus fear and see how your perceptions shift.

With Venus in Scorpio there may be an intense re-assessment about your values. With the new moon in early degrees of Scorpio, you may have ideas that help you transform, and by the end of the Scorpio cycle, you will have everything in place. People may not recognize you or your behavior because Scorpio may abruptly “cut off” ties and connections. You may see a new side of yourself by the time the lunar eclipse takes place in two weeks with the Taurus Full Moon. Be mindful of what is taking place so that you stand firm in your power and honor yourself.

To make the most of the Eclipse and Scorpio New Moon, pull your astrology birth chart with transits to determine where 2 degrees of Scorpio is for you and what house it is in. Since Scorpio rules shared resources there may be an upgrade or renewal around key relationships. Venus is supporting you with your personal and spiritual growth. In Scorpio, she is receptive and open to whatever is transforming.

Embrace the gifts of Scorpio by seeing places where you’ve given your power away and reclaim it. Also, let go of what other people think, and tune into what you feel is right. Scorpio’s deeply intuitive energy will guide you towards your truth. Trust your gut instincts.

Other Astrology Influences

Mercury & Mars – are making a Trine, providing support in solidifying plans for your future. Mars, in Gemini, is preparing to go retrograde a few days after the Scorpio new moon/eclipse. This is a time to review ideas about your future. As Mars moves retrograde and Saturn (in Aquarius) moves forward, they will also be at a supportive trine in November. With Mars retrograde, it is helping you review plans and reconsider options. Saturn is helping you restructure your life and identify what needs to change that leads to the best path towards your future self (Aquarius). Be mindful of new ideas and never discount them. They may not be as far fetched as you thought as you get more information.

Mercury & Pluto – are at a square. Mercury in Libra is bringing in other people’s opinions and influence into your future. While, Pluto is helping you make the final decision as to what is right for you. Pluto is moving forward and at the latter degrees of Capricorn. It’s is bringing to light imbalances in your power and suggestions on how to reclaim it. It is deeply transforming you and strengthening your inner authority. Be open to express your truth and have conversations that support what you want most.

Mars & Neptune – are at a square for the next several weeks. Neptune helps remove what the ego and mind want, to make way for something that is your highest good. With Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces, there is a sense of letting go and trusting things will work out. Mars in Gemini can’t figure it out, Neptune is attuned to a bigger plan. You may feel confused because you sense something is changing, but caught in your mind. Let go and know that the plan will unfold in the right time line.

Scorpio helps you dive deep into the parts of yourself that you may not often want to see.

Connect with the people and situations that empower you.

Reclaim your power and what you value most.

Happy Scorpio New Moon!

New Moon Manifesting

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