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September Full Moon in Pisces: Emotions and Enchantments

The September Full Moon in Pisces Delivers Emotions and Enchantments

Full Moons bring turning points, as well as closures and completion. The September Full Moon in Pisces delivers all of these themes — and quite likely on a pronounced note. A finality or cross roads surrounding events that began back on March 2 (the time of the Pisces New Moon) come to a head. The September Full Moon peaks on September 10, but I sense many of us will be feeling it quite strongly on September 9 (the day Mercury stations retrograde!

Mercury is Retrograde September 9 – October 2

Full Moons that coincide with other planetary shifts tend to be more dramatic. Not to mention that Pisces likes to feel the feels —-and themes close to our heart get stirred up.

Pisces loves magic, romance and fairytales. It’s also the ruler of dreams. I bet many of us will have vivid memories of our most important dreams in the days leading up to this lunation. Strong emotions will be pulled to shore but so will opportunities to stumble upon something enchanting. Uranus, the planet of surprises, will be working favorably with both the Moon and Sun helping to stabilize the pull between what’s real (Sun in Virgo) and what’s not (Moon in Pisces).

Decisions, weighing both feeling and fact equally, will now need to happen. With Mercury, the trickster planet, turning back we may need to go back in time for some reason or another. This Full Moon could serve as a door through time. Someone from our past may suddenly show backup. Or a theme that we thought was gone forever suddenly resurfaces. Something is calling us back. A decision will likely need to be made in what to do with the circumstances that present themselves.

In order to know how we’ll make our decision, we’ll need to look at the star player of this September Full Moon—Pisces. It’s a sign that hates pressure, loves to escape and prefers to see all the good in situations (vs. the bad). Being honest about these Pisces facts is important since they steal this September Full Moon show. With the Moon swimming through her waves and best friend Neptune dancing alongside a Pisces enchantment comes on strong.

On the other side of the table with the Sun in practical Virgo. He’ll have a say in what needs to surface too. Virgo likes to ask questions and be clear about what is really happening. That side is going to be looking a the facts and proof of our situations.

This is an important moment when we’ll need to ask ourselves what’s real…. and what’s not.

Crystal B Astrology

Art by Jen's Fine Art

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