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Solar Eclipse in Scorpio ~ Feeling Renewed October 25, 2022 at 2°

The Final Eclipse Season for 2022 is ushered in by an intense Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse. Although La Luna has some strength by being in a water sign, Scorpio is still quite a tumultuous place for this gentle planet to be. As it’s said: ‘still waters run deep’, and this is an important adage to keep in mind during this potentially overwhelming season. Looking at what’s beneath the surface may be intimidating, but constructive.

Echoes of the Eclipses in April and May of this year ripple throughout these next two weeks, in which the themes coming up are likely to be around resources, values, finances, power, control, release, surrenderer, change versus stability and relationships, to name a few. Scorpio is a sign that craves and yearns for evolution, but needs to learn to relinquish its grip on the familiar. It’s only in the act of letting go that this transformation happens.

Speaking of transformation, this is a keyword during this Eclipse. Transformation of Self, transformations in career, in relationships and many other areas. It’s a word that many of us may desperately cling to as we get swept under the tsunamis of change. Mars, the ancient traditional ruler of this New Moon, is in his shadow pre-retrograde phase, which may have many of us facing our own demons. We need to be mindful of allowing panic and fear to run the show, which includes the fear of missing out. Otherwise known as ‘FOMO’, this millennial word may seem light and fluffy, but beneath that lies a real fear – the fear that that if we don’t take all options available to us, somehow, we are missing out on life, missing out on experiences. This can leave many of us totally crippled with indecision.

So, what to do when faced with a million options, a million doors that seem to be opening (or closing)? Well, we can, first of all, slow down. Know that many of these options are, in fact, illusions. That the grass always seems greener on the other side. That we often tend to want whatever we can’t or don’t have.

With this in mind, let us be discerning about the kinds of intentions we plant now. With Venus exactly conjunct this Eclipse, relationships are probably going to come up for most of us – should we let go, or should we hold on? Either way, there is likely a sacrifice that has to be made. With one hand, the Universe is ready to give and with the other, to take away. Such is the nature of these powerful cosmic events that no one gets away unscathed. The next six months until the next Eclipse Season will reveal the fruition of events begun now.

If you’re find yourself stumbling in the dark, know that Eclipses also have a habit of throwing open long-closed karmic doors and wounds. This is simply another opportunity to work with your shadow and come to a place of wholeness and integration. Engaging with a therapist or delving into core hurts around abandonment may be a profound practice, inviting the perfect catalyst for healing.


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