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Sun in Scorpio Oct 23, 2022 – Nov 22, 2022

The Sun shifts out of air sign, Libra into water sign, Scorpio. This energy shift can draw our energy inward and make us curious about the root of our thought patterns and habits. We may experience a breakthrough in understanding why we operate the way we do, or we may have an ah-ha moment that guides us to make changes in our lives. Scorpio Season can make us extra sensitive, but the more in tune we become, the greater our awareness, the greater our perception, and the greater our understanding. (by Tanaaz)

As the Sun moves through each sign, it acts like a big beam of light illuminating what has been previously unseen. On October 23, 2022, the Sun will enter Scorpio. During this time, it’s all about the unseen.

Scorpio is the parts of self that are hidden in the depth of our inner worlds. It is our vulnerabilities, our fears, our deeply embodied intuition, and our innermost psyche.

During Scorpio season, we are invited to return to the wisdom of our bodies, to the emotions waiting to be acknowledged, and into a deep surrender and trust in what we cannot control. It’s a time that asks us to take off the layers of armor that we have built around us and sit in our vulnerabilities. (by Yoga Journal)

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