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The April Total Solar Eclipse in Aries Opens Up New Doors of Initiation that Haven’t Been Experience

It’s time for a MAJOR initiation of our lives to come front and center. The doors that open as a result of the April 19-20 Total Solar Eclipse in Aries will have started back with what the March 21 New Moon delivered. That time was the Part 1 and now it’s time for the big Part 2. Eclipses are BIG energy and we haven’t experienced an eclipse in Aries since April 2014!

Given more intensity and push to what’s happening is the critical degree its taking place in. The 29th degree of any sign is MAJOR point of no return. It pushes us into a “do or die” place where we are urged to ACT out of necessity.

Adding complexity to this time will be Mercury’s station retrograde, just hours after this major door opening. Ahhh you can probably hear the universe’s laughter coming out of this twist! Mercury will indeed begin to play some tricks on us and try to trip us up as we navigate the next. BUT whatever he needs to do and wherever he needs to take us, readjustments & redos, will be necessary. We’re going to need them for the very new places we are supposed to go.

Eclipses begin new directional shifts in our ultimate destiny. The wheels of our fortune are spinning. Be open to things not getting off to a perfect start and fine tuning as you go along. We’re all heading in very new directions and it’s best to keep some patience with your expectations of making it to the finish line!

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