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The August Full Moon in Aquarius Delivers Shock, Awe & Eccentricity

On August 11, 2022 the Moon will be ripe in Aquarius, a sign that likes to be original. With its arrival, I see a lot of us allowing our “individual” and perhaps even eccentric sides to really come out. There’s a freedom that comes with Aquarius. Hence, this becomes an opportune moment of the year to experiment with new ways of expressing ourselves. It’s a time to honor all the things that make us unique and different.

This August Full Moon wants you to be different, even if it’s hard. It also carries a message coming either from inside ourselves or through someone else that shocks our system into a totally new frame of mind.

Important decisions may be looming and this Full Moon marks a cross roads. We may be embarking upon a time where we decide to stick with something (in order to take it to a new level) or walk away completely. Someone else may not be on the same page as you.

There’s a lot of stubborn energy that we’re all going to have to work with in some shape or form.

The Free & Wild Side of Aquarius

Asserting and accepting our unique side now becomes very important. Remain confident in all the parts of who you really are. This Full Moon wants you to make a decision but it also wants you to DO YOU. That’s the Aquarius mantra. Don’t act or do because it’s the right thing or someone wants you to do it. ACT because it’s what you want to do.

The ruler of this Full Moon in Aquarius is Uranus and he’ll be poking both the Sun & Moon, working in a T-Square. Thankfully, he’ll have some support from Mercury helping us voice what needs to be said. Choose you words wisely. They have the potential to change someone’s mind.

Honoring Restrictions & Saturn’s Wisdom

Saturn will also be a dominant player as he dances very closely with the Moon. As a result, the need to achieve and find success will be strong. But Saturn could be a dark cloud if we’re not in line with his message. Some of us may feel tired and worn with all the responsibilities mounting. Adjustments may need to be made in order to work within our limitations. Know that you can achieve anything that you want — but respect your limits. Don’t beat yourself up for being honest about circumstances.

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