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The August New Moon in Virgo Delivers an Overdrive of Energy

Virgo likes to sharpen its pencils and get back to school and work. This August 27 Virgo New Moon is a marker of having to jump back into your saddle— and start getting things in order! Mars, currently in get up and move Gemini, will be dominant player in this story. Operating in an EXACT square with the Sun & Moon, he’ll mean business. Mars will give us no choice but to engage with some very busy energy.

The Star Player Virgo Delivering All its Awesomeness

Virgo deserves the spotlight in August’s New Moon story. Understanding the way it likes to operate will benefit and help us tap into what’s being asked of us at this time of the year. Virgo is a minimalist that likes to be ready with a plan, get back to work, create order and clean up the chaos. There’s a little bit of an escape artist in it too. The funny thing, however, is that it likes to escape into doing something that’ll deliver results vs. venturing off into a fantasy land. Virgo appreciates escaping into projects, organization, synthesizing and of course cleaning! This is the sign that can get enchanted quite easily with any sort of work!

Relationship Reality Check

There are some harsh realities that I must make mention of. Virgo, after all, needs to understand all the details! Saturn will be operating in a difficult opposition with lover girl Venus at this time. Some of us may be at odds with certain relationships — particularly authority figures (Saturn). We may be feeling some restrictions alongside a need to break away with Uranus also getting caught up in the mix.

Mercury Saves the Day

The ruler of this New Moon is Mercury who’s currently in peaceful and diplomatic Libra. Thankfully Mercury will be applying towards a trine to that busy bee Mars. We’ll have the ability to communicate effectively and get things done with our words. You might surprise yourself with how on point you’ll be able to be. Mercury’s support could also help us plan effectively and gain support of allies. Libra, after all, is a great networker.

But a word to the wise … Mercury is currently operating in his shadow period. He will turn retrograde on September 9 — which means that all your current plans may go through some diversions before they are sorted out again!

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