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The Silver Gate Portal: The Sun Conjunct Aldebaran

Aldebaran is known as one of the Four Royal Stars. Its place in our heavenly skies has long been considered sacred by many ancient cultures around the world.

Aldebaran is said to bring fortune, bravery, success, and stamina. Its energy is likened to a guardian angel, watching out and protecting those who bathe in its energy.

Aldebaran is also said to awaken and sharpen the mind. It activates our third eye chakra, allowing us to grow in intelligence and raise our consciousness to new heights.

Aldebaran is considered the star of enlightenment and allows us to download new and inspired ideas from the Universe straight into our minds.

According to some astrologers, Aldebaran is also believed to be the home of the Silver Gate Portal, which is the entrance point for souls traveling to or reincarnating back to Earth.

As the souls travel through the Silver Gate Portal, they are bathed in the protective light of Aldebaran before making their way into their new reincarnation.

From May 28-31 each year, the Sun crosses Aldebaran, activating its energy and making it more easily accessible to each and every one of us.

We can use the energy of Aldebaran to sharpen our minds, accelerate our path to enlightenment, boost our stamina, protect ourselves, and perhaps remind ourselves of why we have chosen to reincarnate into this lifetime.

If you have ever wanted to do a past life regression or an Akashic records reading or meditation, this timeframe will offer extra support. You may also just naturally find yourself having dreams or intuitive downloads about your past life and soul contract.

As Aldebaran is linked with fortune and success, we can also use this day to take action towards our goals and dreams and for manifestation work.

As the portal of Aldebaran’s energy is heightened, visualize all that you desire for yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. Allow your mind to be transported to new heights as you create this visual for yourself.

As Aldebaran’s energy is so powerful, especially on a mental level, we can find ourselves feeling a bit overwhelmed or anxious, especially if we are prone to overthinking or have a cluttered mind.

If you start to feel overwhelmed with your thoughts, bring your attention back to your breath. It is also helpful to pick something in your space to observe, or to make a list of all the things you feel grateful for. This can help to switch your thoughts to a more present state, rather than thinking about the past or future, both of which can cause stress and anxiety.

To work with the energies of Aldebaran and the Silver Gate Portal activation, here is a ritual to guide you-

Aldebaran Ritual

Do this ritual anytime between May 28-31

You will need:

Divine Channel Cosmic Guided Meditation

Selenite Wand or another wand-shape crystal (optional)

Paper and pen

Sprig of Rosemary



1.) Begin with your Divine Channel Cosmic Guided Meditation. If using, hold your crystal or have it next to you as you do this meditation.

2.) Once your meditation is complete, take your pen and paper and write down three things you would like to call into your life or for the planet. Holding your crystal and rosemary in your non-dominant hand, recite aloud all the things you wish to call in. Imagine the vibration of your desires soaking into the herb and/or crystal.

3.) Place your crystal and the sprig of rosemary inside the paper and roll it up. Secure your scroll with a piece of string/ribbon. Leave some excess string and hang up your scroll somewhere close to water, like in your bathroom or if you live in a rainy climate near your back or front door.

(If your crystal cannot be safely wrapped in the paper, it is ok to just leave your crystal nearby.)

4.) Leave your scroll for three nights before removing. You can bury your rosemary and paper in the garden if you have access to one.

Enjoy the energies of Aldebaran!


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