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Up Next to GO RETRO is NEPTUNE! On June 30, 2023

Neptune retrograde 2023 begins on June 30 at 27° Pisces and ends on December 6 at 24° Pisces.

Neptune joins both Pluto and Saturn as it enters retrograde. Having three planets in retrograde, plus Venus on the way, can create a slow-down effect in our cosmic skies. We may find ourselves naturally looking back in order to move forward. Neptune is the planet of creativity, illusions, and dreams. In retrograde, it can lift the veil, guiding us to see the truth. We may not have seen things clearly before, but now we can see what has been going on behind the scenes. Think of this like a magician revealing a trick. What you were seeing was just an illusion, but now that you know how it’s done, it creates a shift. This shift may be big or small depending on where you are in your own life. A higher truth has now been found, and this higher truth will continue to evolve as you grow in consciousness.

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