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Venus the Goddess of Pleasure goes retrograde every 18/19 months, forcing us to re-examine love, our values and finances. Venus retrograde 2021 begins on December 19, 2021 at 26° Capricorn and ends on January 29, 2022 at 11° Capricorn.

Venus rules matters of the heart, informing what we value and has meaning and beauty for our lives. She is the ruler of Taurus; an earth sign, which is very much about establishing a sense of stability and security around what we value. Venus also reflects our relationship with our finances. Alongside Taurus, Venus is also the ruler of Libra; an air sign, which operates around maintaining harmony and balance within partnerships.

Feminine by nature, Venus is connected to our senses, and especially our sense of aesthetics and what is beautiful. The awareness of opening to more pleasure, beautiful smells, good foods and company and enjoyable music around us, is key for feeding our Venusian side.

Venus is currently in Capricorn, and when she moves backwards, love, our values and finances from a Capricorn perspective, are calling for introspection and re-evaluation.

When in Capricorn, issues around power, control and lack of integrity may surface. The healthy expression of Capricorn lies with integrity, responsibility and commitment. During this retrograde situations may arise around love, or our finances, that challenge us to consider whether we are in integrity with what we value, and whether we are making wise investments.

The energy of Capricorn is entrepreneurial and very much orientated around work, which means that this might be a productive time to hash things out with your career or business.

Being a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn calls for grounded practicality, drive and initiation. However, be cautious around making impulsive decisions and investments that may affect you in the long run.

Venus Trines Uranus in Taurus twice on November 18th at the beginning of the retrograde shadow period as well as January 29th when Venus stations direct- This is a time for mitigating challenges that we experience on a personal level where we are pushing ourselves into restrictive dynamics that no longer serve us. Here Uranus brings positive change and resolution

Venus sextile Neptune in Pisces November 30th and on January 5th

This is a loving energy where we connect with sympathy and compassion allowing us to reach out to others offering practical energy and support. It’s also a very creative energy allowing us to explore what inspires us aesthetically.

11th /25th December Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn.

This is a very impactful energy activated all of December. It’s about getting in touch with what you really need, want and desire in relationship. This energy cultivates your capacity to experience joy and happiness where its grounded and practical. Figuring out the roots of what you need on a core level to have a successful loyal partnership.


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