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Vesta in Aries ~ On February 7, 2023

February 7th, 2023: Vesta Into Aries

This transit is about devotion to raw instinct and freedom. A new flame is ignited and it can take the form of a project, lifestyle or adventure. Any hint of compromise or being part of the group is shut out. This is the pioneer, obsessed with the unknown country. Or, the warrior, focused on battle.

Vesta's limits manifest as absolute focus - nothing else matters. Therefore, this transit can be a good way to put yourself first via a new challenge or passion. Aries is "me first." Not the same as Leo (there's no interest in applause). Rather, it's all about the initial impulse and the initiation of what you want. You tackle this by yourself, for yourself. Your will and courage feed the flame - you are the temple.

by Nadia Gilchrist

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