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“I trust in my gifts. I know that I can shine!”

Loving yourself can be one of the greatest challenges to overcome, but not for your soul, for your ego. The reason self‑acceptance can be so hard is because your ego will try to make your love conditional. You will love yourself when your body is “perfect” or when you finish the project you are working on, and so on.

But love is unconditional. It goes beyond boundaries, achievements, and vanity. Loving yourself is about being willing to see the great spark of light and goodness in the depth of your being; it’s about being willing to respect that the body you are in is a miraculous vehicle in which you are able to experience the brightness of your soul.

Lovingly accepting yourself means truly honoring who you are. It’s about moving beyond the self‑perceived flaws and finding the beauty anyway. It’s deciding you are no longer going to be represented by a negative opinion, fear, or anything else that’s come between you and your goodness in the past.

Love is who you are. Today the Universe is inviting you to recognize this truth.

DECK: Raise Your Vibration Oracle

ARTIST: Ari Wisner

Kyle Gray

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