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Weekly Astrology Forecast, December 4-10

The influence of Capricorn sparks change in ways you might not have anticipated and the light of the full Moon allows you to see parts of yourself in ways that you previously hadn't.

Mercury and Venus will make their way into Capricorn this week and the Moon will meet her fullness in Gemini. Capricorn’s influence invites practical thinking, ambition, and stability, while the final full Moon of the year will hold space for emotional release and profound transformation.

Mercury enters Capricorn

The fastest moving planet in our solar system, Mercury governs our busy mental realms. When not in retrograde, it spends approximately two short weeks in each sign of the zodiac. We tend to experience our thoughts and communication through the lens of whichever zodiac sign Mercury currently occupies.

Capricorn, as an archetype, brings us down to earth. It is disciplined and structured. It is organized and practical. Ruling over the physical and material realms, Capricorn invites self-responsibility and persistence in the name of growth and achievement.

Prior to December 6, 2022, Mercury can be found in the adventurous fire sign of Sagittarius. As the planet moves into the earth sign of Capricorn, we have the opportunity to bring greater clarity, organization, and focus to our mental state and to ground ourselves more deeply into our reality.

Mercury in Capricorn wants us to create structure in our lives. It wants us to organize not just our thinking but also the way we share and store information. It asks us what systems of thought and beliefs we will allow to enter our minds and what boundaries we are ready to implement. It invites us to bring a sense of accountability to the way we perceive the world, the mental habits we create, and an overall sense of responsibility for the direction of our lives.

Full Moon in Gemini

December 7, 2022, brings the final full Moon of the year. In astrology, the Moon is known to represent our emotions and inner needs and govern our embodied intuition. When full, the Moon acts as a celestial torch. She brings light to the corners of ourselves that we have in hiding, the inner spaces within us that we couldn’t possibly see without illumination. It is under a full Moon that we often experience some of our most profound catalysts for healing, self-realization, and truth. These are seen and felt through the lens and theme of the sign in which the Moon currently resides and the nearby planets.

While the Moon oversees our emotional body, Gemini represents our mental body. An air sign, Gemini influences thought, logic, communication, and belief constructs. Gemini holds sway over this lunation and will bring an extra spark given that Mars is still retrograding through Gemini.

This full Moon will act as a release of the 12 months that are coming to a close. It will hold some intensity and can bring our boundaries into question, wounds to the surface, and challenges front and center—all so that we can clarify who we are, who we desire to be, and what we will and will not allow into our lives.

Venus enters Capricorn

The planet Venus, named after the enchanting Greek goddess, represents beauty, abundance, and love. Venus tends to show up in our romances, artistic pursuits, values, self-care, and relationship with financial wealth.

As Venus joins Mercury in Capricorn on December 9, 2022, we are better able to bring these desires into a more logical, structured, and realistic plan for attainment. Venus in Capricorn ignites an attitude of resourcefulness and ambition in the realms of our relationships to romance, money, and long-term desires. Under the influence of this disciplined sign, we have the opportunity to ground our desires, to put pen to paper and begin to organize.

We often see that wherever Venus goes, she brings with her a trail of luck. While she is in Capricorn, this is a beautiful time to get serious about the pursuits of our hearts, to ground them into a plan that feels achievable, and to refocus our values.

Your invitation

Mercury and Venus in Capricorn allows you a peek at Capricorn season, which begins later in the month and will offer a beautiful opportunity to tune into what you desire for the new year. Capricorn continuously demonstrates to you that anything is possible with commitment, time, focus, and action. It is an invitation to lean into the inner power that comes from taking responsibility for your path.

While the cosmos is beginning to ground and organize, this week’s full Moon reflects the moments of discomfort before transformation, which seems only fitting for the final full Moon of the year. With the influence of Mars retrograde sitting alongside the Moon, there is an invitation to explore how you connect with the emotions of anger or frustration. Witness how comfortable you are within any feelings that arise or where your catharsis lies. Is it in moving your body, writing a letter, creating a set of boundaries and values for yourself? Is it in making noise, exercising, or creating?

Explore your emotions as a doorway to your transformation. Trust that the Capricorn energy will help you remain centered and grounded.

Jordane Maree

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