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Weekly Horoscope: November 28 - December 5

On Monday, December 28, encouraging us to resolve heavy concepts. Mars is still retrograde, which can reference scars or past challenges.

Ideas are shifting when it comes to what is desired and how to achieve it. Information is conditional. There’s chatter, laughter, and moving parts. The planet of communication, Mercury, and the planet of desire, Venus, stand in close quarters in Sagittarius. The two inner planets face off with Mars in Gemini, creating tensions, and they connect with Saturn in Aquarius, signifying collaborative wisdom. They also both clash with Neptune in Pisces, which can be confusing or mystical.

Mercury faces off with Mars on Tuesday, November 29, requiring a direct rejection or quick wits. The long-term goal is kept in mind, though not without effort, as Mercury connects with taskmaster Saturn.

Venus faces off with Mars on Thursday, December 1, exaggerating tension and suspense. Someone has to make a move, but it takes courage. Mercury clashes with Neptune, the planet of illusions, which can make for some silly or theoretical conversations. It’s a lot of hot air, or laughing gas. Venus connects with Saturn, which is auspicious for making a fair promise, as we’re able to find a harmonious relationship between indulgence and restraint.

Neptune ends its retrograde on Saturday. Is it revelatory? May we wake up from a dream as mirages fade or a veil is lifted from our eyes Venus clashes with Neptune on Sunday, December 4, stimulating the imagination. Questions about beauty, aesthetics, and even existential feminist ideologies are raised.

Randon Rosenbohm

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