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Weekly Navigation For the week of March 21 - 27, 2022

From the active balance point of the Equinox and the calibration of yin/yang equality, we’re stepping into the next 2 weeks of profound integration and fine tuning through our holistic system. The focus now is on our thoughts and beliefs, and the power of the mind/body connection, the relationship axis, and the lens of our worldview.

The thoughts we think matter. The thoughts we believe, manifest. And our current lens of consciousness is revealed through the holistic experience of our embodied reality…literally, the skin we’re living in. More importantly, the lens of consciousness we’re choosing has the power to alter our reality and shift the story on a dime.

When we become aware of the thoughts we’re thinking, the interpretations we’re believing, and the patterns we’re subscribing to, we can begin to pioneer a new landscape (and a new contract) within our mental body that has the power to shift everything. The current lens of consciousness we’re choosing calibrates the frequency we embody, and establishes the filters we experience our reality through. Remembering our limitless power to choose is key.

No matter what’s occurring around us - whether unexpected or expected, painful or blissful, messy or neat – we always have a choice of how we respond, what comes next, our attitudes and interpretations. Moment to moment, we have a choice. Our knee jerk reactions and automatic pilot impulses and judgments keep us engaged with the past, oftentimes through an emotional charge of what we like or don’t like, what we agree with or don’t agree with, what we can accept or not accept. However, our awakened response takes us to higher ground, as a creative spark of new potential. The power to consciously respond is the power to create.

A conscious response requires self awareness. Knowing ourselves, our triggers, our patterns, and our commitment to a higher vision and higher lens of consciousness is important. When we forget that we’re limitless in our capacity to choose, we might feel stuck, frustrated, angry, or even defensive or combative. When we remember the truth of who we are, that we’re always at choice, we can stretch our minds to new territory moment to moment, opening to new dimensions of possibility and thereby taking new ground.

The Sun is currently in Aries, the initiator of our mental body, and the power to choose. We can choose to be awake or we can choose to be unconscious. We can choose to see possibilities and create our world from those possibilities, or we can choose to subscribe to limitations from fear, discomfort, inconvenience, or historic wounds. The choice is always ours, and it’s active in every moment. We truly are the authors of our personal story, choosing the narrative and the underlying interpretations of our own unfolding. When we recognize the power of the mind/body connection, we can also recognize the power of feedback from the mirrored lens of the physical dimension.

Our thoughts manifest through form and structure. Habitual patterns form grooves that accumulate gravity, and those patterns contain codes and algorithms. When we shift our thoughts and patterns, when we choose a different lens of interpretation, the results look different, the gravity releases and the mind finds freedom. There’s a breath of fresh air. We have limitless choice of how we can engage, interpret, and respond. Those infinite choices give us power, as limitless creators.

When we unconsciously react to situations or conversations, we give our power away to what’s already in motion, what’s already occurring. Oftentimes our unconscious reactions come from old wounds and vulnerabilities, even blindspots and the ego’s need to protect. When we recognize the reactions being triggered in the moment, we can shift on a dime. If we harness the energy from that emotional charge, convert as fuel for positive change, we can consciously access new thoughts that affirm our core values, beliefs, and higher vision. This is how we begin to master the limitless power of the mind, in action. It’s important to be unconditionally open to seeing ourselves in action, witnessing the patterns and responses we’re choosing that generate waves of information and feedback through the mirror of our body and the environment around us. If we resist looking at feedback, we give away our power to see clearly, in action. The body will always let us know when we’re triggered or charged.

Aries is disposed by Mars, connecting the dots of our mental body power through the physical body dimension. Our body is a messenger, a record keeper, providing a feedback loop of accurate information that reveals the thoughts and patterns we’ve been living in, and the overall impact through our holistic system. When we focus on changing the results and outcomes without paying attention to the mind’s role in creation, we may get frustrated or stuck. In fact, we can literally go to war trying to change what we don’t like “out there” when the true potential to create new possibilities is within our own lens of consciousness, in the filters of our own mind.

Our belief system, value system, and relationship with the limitless realm determine the overall framework we see the world through. That frame, or lens, is similar to a dream catcher. It creates the template that filters the infinite realm into a snapshot of available outcomes and possibilities that we allow ourselves to see and engage with. If something doesn’t align with our belief system or value system, often times the mind overrides it by distorting or blocking our connection. We can only see what we believe is possible. We can only receive what we believe is true. And we can only take actions based on the available choices through our personal lens of possibility. When that lens is narrow, rigid, or limited by fears, our available choices as a creator are small. When that lens is expansive, limitless, and vast, we see the magic of the universe in every thought.

Our dreams and visions take shape through the filters of the mind. What we believe is possible becomes our story, whether it’s true or not. If we believe we’re not enough, if we believe the world is a scary place, if we believe we have no choice, we will experience that as our personal truth. However, if we believe in Love, if we believe in the infinite possibilities that exist beyond what the mind can comprehend, if we believe in spontaneous miracles, if we believe in the power of belief, we will experience that as our personal truth. The choice is ours.

We can’t change the world, but we can shift and recontextualize our relationship with the world. By accepting the world as it is, we are free to shift ourselves. The world becomes a playground to notice our thoughts, beliefs, and dreams, while continuing to shift until those merge into a tangible reality. If our thoughts are focused on what’s wrong with what's already occurred, what’s already manifested, we give away our power to create anything new. The creator lives in the unmanifested realm of potential, the invisible realm, and harnesses that universal energy to strike a match with every conscious thought. Our thoughts become prayers and poetry instead of to-do lists and criticisms. The universe responds to every prayer and poem as we engage in a much higher octave of relationship than just our linear physical world of task oriented doing and accomplishing.

When we let the heart do the thinking, we free our minds up to witness and observe – ourselves, the universe, the invisible realm, and the physical dimension. The mind is multifaceted and multidimensional in it’s capacity to observe and notice. The heart holds the blueprint, the roadmap, the highest vision, and the key to universal oneness. When the heart speaks, there is music, from the universal language of Love. That kind of language activates new potential for a brand new world to manifest.

The week begins on Monday 3/21 with a Mercury Jupiter new cycle, Venus Great Attractor resource, Black Moon Uranus subtle intimacy, Black Moon Orcus stepping stone, and Mars Chiron resource. Expansion of the mind through the limitless realm as the heart amplifies through magnetic attraction. When we awaken to the truth of the heart, remembering what matters most in this moment, we can take action from that lens of possibility. If we get stuck in fears, doubts, worries, or concerns, we engage in actions that keep us surviving within that same contextual lens. It’s time to wake up and uncover a higher lens of possibility.

On Tuesday 3/22, the Black Moon forms a resource with Pallas, and Mars forms a stepping stone with Uranus. Today is a day for awakened action. Taking steps outside of the normal default settings, outside of the comfort zone, inspired by divine wisdom. Notice when actions arise from reactivity or impulsive muscle memory that recreate the past, and choose to harness and redirect that energy by elevating to a higher lens of consciousness. New actions are available today, leading to new ground.

Wednesday 3/23 is a Mars Orcus great eliminator, Mercury Neptune new cycle, Sun Ixion stepping stone, Pallas Great Attractor manifestation, Mercury North Node (dharmic) resource, Mercury South Node (karmic) manifestation, and Black Moon Venus manifestation. The mind reveals enlightened clarity through the invisible realm. If we only see what’s currently on the ground, we can only see where we came from. When we learn to look into the invisible realm, we can see the unmanifested potential and infinite possibilities. Staying tuned to both, we learn to see through the illusions and distortions while expanding our belief of what’s possible in every moment. We’re not bound by our current scenarios. Every moment is full of potential, opportunities for alchemy and shape shifting, if we can learn to navigate the empty spaces with awareness and vision.

On Thursday 3/24 the Sun manifests with Varuna. This is a huge activation of creative energy from a visionary channel of the heart fueled by positivity and possibility. The brightest light is generated by an authentic expression and sustainable energy. That source of vitality sparks new potential today. Choose the highest lens of vision, and strike the match.

Friday 3/25, Vesta and Salacia form a resource, followed by a Black Moon Jupiter stepping stone, Mars Great Attractor resource, Black Moon Juno manifestation, Mercury Galactic Center stepping stone, and Black Moon Saturn manifestation. Remembering our limitless nature, we can uncover the potential for expansion, moment to moment. Stepping into new possibilities, every choice is a new expression that leads to new available outcomes. If we never challenge ourselves to step outside of our own narrative, we'll never know how far we can grow. Today is a day to challenge the old definitions and rules, and stretch into new territory.

On Saturday 3/26, Mercury forms a resource with Pluto and Sedna, then Black Moon forms a stepping stone with Neptune, a great eliminator with the karmic node, and a resource with Eris, followed by a Mars Pallas resource, and Mercury Haumea great eliminator. When we let go of the attachments to where we've been, we free ourselves up to be present to the unwritten story of what's next. This moment is a blank canvass, with full permission to create. As we confront the landscape of our own mind, we can see the historic fears and doubts of discomfort and limitation. It's time to choose to believe in our greatest possibility. Faith and trust as we take a leap.

And Sunday 3/27, Mercury enters Aries, followed by a Vesta Chariklo new cycle, Vesta MakeMake manifestation, Sun Salacia new cycle, Black Moon Pluto great eliminator, Black Moon Sedna subtle intimacy aspect, Sun Quaoar stepping stone, Black Moon manifestation with Astraea and Haumea, and then Black Moon enters Cancer. As Mercury enters Aries, the mind is on fire to create something new. Remembering our limitlessness is key so that we don't gravitate back into muscle memory of old familiar patterns and grooves. There's a higher octave of clarity being revealed, within ourselves and in the invisible realm. Let go of the gravity and soar through the vastness of possibility. Let inspiration come online through the heart.

The practice this week is to try something new every day. Challenge yourself to get out of the familiar routine and comfort zone. Take a risk, change things up, release the gravity from the habitual grooves. Feel what it feels like to face the discomfort of the unknown while living through a lens of limitless possibility. Be mindful of the private inner conversations, and elevate the dialogue with Love. If anything is possible, what do you choose? What do you believe is possible? What narratives and outcomes are you creating or validating with your current thoughts?

“Positive thoughts are a biological mandate for a happy, healthy life. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi: Your beliefs become your thoughts Your thoughts become your words Your words become your actions Your actions become your habits Your habits become your values Your values become your destiny”

― Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles

Christine Clemmer

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