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Weekly Navigation Report: Week of December 5 - 11, 2022

We’re heading into a brilliant (and super busy) week of multifaceted, multidimensional connections and communications that reveal opportunities to clear the air, clear our hearts, and speak the truth. The upcoming Gemini Full Moon on Wednesday 12/7 is nothing short of a transcendental invitation to elevate and align with conscious wisdom through the mind/heart union; witnessing the divine unfolding that occurs from that precious seat of awareness.

In the shadow side of Gemini's active energy, we may find ourselves spinning in mental body conversations or patterns that take us away from the heart or distract us from truth…until we awaken and unify mind and heart, releasing the spin cycle attachments, restoring multidimensional clarity and functionality beyond any historic fragmentations within our own system. That elevation and refinement of unity delivers a higher octave of diamond consciousness, where the awakened mind holds a still point of conscious wisdom through the opening of the awakened heart. The heart reveals the diamond lens of vision, and the mind observes it all, crystal clear. There is partnership, union, oneness in that template (temple).

When we see through (and operate from) that diamond lens of consciousness, we can slice through illusions, distortions, and projections. We gain access to a brilliant still point that transcends duality, unifying extremes and bridging polarities.

The evolutionary potential of the Gemini mind is absolute brilliance, beyond what the eyes can behold from a linear time/space orientation. To tap into that brilliance, there must be an initiation of truth telling from the heart. Instead of multitasking or feeling torn between possibilities that fracture or compromise the full presence and awareness of the mind, the multidimensional diamond mind takes a seat at the center of everything, calibrating a multifaceted network of universal connectivity, operating within the oneness and simultaneous interconnectivity of everything.

When all dots connect and all roads travel through the heart, we find ourselves centered, at peace and at home. When the dots don’t connect, when we feel fragmented, agitated, split in half, or scattered in a billion directions. The cure is to bring the mind home to the heart, and allow the awakened heart to reveal the connection of wholeness through Unity through the greater grid system. At the center of the universe, we’re at one with the center (Source) of everything. There’s nothing to get to, nothing to reach for, nothing to chase or push away. All paths and all bridges unify through the heart. When the mind is home, all is well.

The overall design of the diamond mind can be reflected by the dodecahedron in sacred geometry. Gemini consciousness is an active entry point to ascension. If the mind isn’t unified and supported within the trifold flame of the heart, there will be fragments or disconnects in the personal system that prevent full awakened ascension. However, when that active ascension point is calibrated through the diamond mind, there is universal oneness that transcends any optical illusion of separation or duality. That presence and awareness becomes consistent.

This week amplifies and brings to light the activations and revelations from last week’s Venus/Mercury bridge with Mars, intersected by Neptune’s station. The very personal alignments and realizations of actions, reactions, and patterns are fresh in our line of sight and conscious understanding. Now, the Sun activates the bridge with Mars, conjunct the Full Moon in Gemini, and that diamond lens of conscious wisdom is illuminated, with all of the multifaceted brilliance and Light that is so distinctly crystal clear.

With a Gemini Full Moon, if unaware, we can tend to spin through the mind (which can be a source of temporary creative genius, but isn’t sustainable), getting further distracted from the truth and detached from our heart…until we consciously awaken through the open portal of the heart, aligning with truth, and surrendering the recurring patterns and cycles that deter us from ourselves and from Source. Sometimes we awaken by witnessing the drama of distractions until we can’t ignore or continue the patterns. The polarity between aware and unaware is a bridge, and even if we find ourselves in an unconscious reaction, the greater awareness of ourselves can see it all, crystal clear, and transcend the pattern in action.

The week begins on Monday 12/5 with a Black Moon Sirius communion (conjunction), Black Moon Juno manifestation, Venus Eris manifestation, followed by Black Moon Orcus resource, Black Moon Uranus resource, and Black Moon Mars subtle intimacy aspect. The heart awakens and reveals higher truth, initiating new creative potential. It’s important that we listen to what’s coming online from the heart, and not suppress or ignore our deepest truth. It can be uncomfortable at times, especially if we’ve been conditioned to tune out or ignore those deeper inner messages, but today’s awakening is epic. The Black Moon is busy all week, and today unveils a moment of truth that supports our greatest remembrance of who we are, why we’re here, and why it matters.

On Tuesday 12/6, Mercury forms a stepping stone with Jupiter and a great eliminator with Sedna, followed by a Sun Great Attractor conjunction/new cycle, Ceres Pallas resource, Black Moon Saturn great eliminator, then Mercury enters Capricorn, Juno forms a bridge with Orcus, followed by a Black Moon Neptune manifestation, Venus Pallas great eliminator, and Mercury Haumea resource. There’s an extraordinary opportunity for expansion this entire week, and today offers a choice point to stretch the mind beyond historic projections or limiting beliefs. The mind can only project what it’s known before, and in order to expand into new horizons, we must allow the mind to decondition any attachments to what’s been seen or done before, in order to remain open to the brand new possibilities that exist in the current moment. There are moments of truth illuminating all over the place this week, and wisdom shining through like stars in the night sky. Connecting the dots, star by star, allow the mind to expand as universal potential, greeting the current moment with a blend of optimism and purpose. As Mercury enters Capricorn, there is a higher calling of divine purpose coming online.

Wednesday 12/7 begins with the Black Moon’s activation of the recurring Grand Power Cross (with Eris, Arcturus, and Pluto), followed by a Sun Orcus stepping stone, Venus Ceres stepping stone, Sun Juno stepping stone, Venus Galactic Center conjunction (new cycle), Sun Uranus great eliminator, Black Moon Pallas conjunction (communion), and the Full Moon in Gemini conjunct Mars. Orcus is an important player in this Full Moon activation today. Orcus reminds us why we’re here and why it matters, so that we can untangle ourselves from the unnecessary distractions that keep us from our highest truth and divine purpose.

The Full Moon occurs at 11:06pm ET at 16 Gemini. Ruled by Mercury (who just entered Capricorn yesterday and is about to enter his upcoming retrograde shadow on 12/12), the theme is multidimensional communication and connection with divine purpose. Gemini represents the brilliance of the mental body, and the ability to go in a billion directions simultaneously through the infinite channels of the mind. When untethered or misaligned, that can lead to rapid fire disconnect, distraction, and deterrence from Truth. It can take lifetimes to come back to the unified still point after the mind fragments. Because the nature of the mind is so rapid and quick, just like all of the air signs, it’s important to focus the mind with intention and purpose. Training the mind to come home to the heart - finding union, establishing partnership – is a fundamental requirement in our evolutionary journey. Mindfulness practices like meditation are powerful tools in the development of diamond consciousness from the universal mind/heart union.

When the mind splits or fragments, going in a polarized or even parallel dimension from the heart’s presence, there is a split in consciousness. When the mind says one thing and the heart reveals another, we must find the bridge to unify mind back home to heart. An untethered mind can travel far and wide before realizing separation from the heart. The active practice of wisdom is to find partnership and bring the mind home.

When the mind releases the distractions and excess tendencies of the ego’s fears and attachments, there is silence, inner peace. When the mind surrenders to the heart, there is clarity, higher vision. When the surrendered mind rests upon the foundation of the awakened heart, there is multidimensional brilliance, transcendental vision, and conscious wisdom that extends beyond time/space. This activation has the power to elevate and transcend repetitive loops, cycles, and karmic debris, elevating to a higher dimension of Truth, and starting a brand new cycle of manifestation and creation. When we elevate to that higher octave, eliminating the repetitive karmic cycles and loops, resolve the lifetimes of distractions and illusions that have kept us from ourselves and honoring our higher purpose. We are free to be our authentic expression – on purpose, with intention, in communion with All.

This Gemini Full Moon is conjunct Mars, part of a greater Finger of God aspect involving Uranus and the fixed star Sirius. The possibilities for awakening and transcendence have never been brighter. It matters that we choose mind/heart union, and witness ourselves in action as the awakened observer. From there, we can see what we need to see, the blind spots become activated and highlighted, and our applied wisdom in action ends the cycles of karmic patterning and conditioning. Truth reveals and releases the gravitational pull and polarity from the cellular conditioning and muscle memory, facilitating freedom and transcendence at the highest level.

On Thursday 12/8, the Black Moon forms a resource with Ceres and a bridge with Pluto, then Mercury activates a new cycle with Ixion, followed by a Pluto Ceres manifestation, Uranus Juno resource, Jupiter Sedna resource, Mars Juno stepping stone, Black Moon Venus great eliminator, Ceres Galactic Center stepping stone, and Quaoar Salacia stepping stone. Another busy day of aspects, and the deliverance of transformation. When we choose to feel empowered by our current situations, we can uncover and unveil the highest potential. There’s lightning fast clarity in our actions today, so pay attention to the ripple effects and the doors that open (or close) as a result.

Friday 12/9 begins with a Black Moon Sedna resource, Black Moon Jupiter manifestation, followed by a Venus Sedna great eliminator, Venus Jupiter stepping stone, then the Black Moon enters Leo and Venus enters Capricorn. The heart is active today, crossing the threshold from endings to new beginnings. There’s wisdom to be integrated if we’re willing to let go of attachments, find the gift, and set the heart free. Our greatest expansion is calling, and the heart knows the way.

On Saturday 12/10 Mars forms a stepping stone with Orcus, followed by a Venus Haumea resource, and Mercury Vesta resource. The reminder of our soul’s promise is alive in our bones, and every step reveals a choice to either honor or ignore. The heart reflects the wholeness of our actions and choices, as well as the imprint of our divine purpose and higher calling, holding us accountable for the steps we’re taking. Our inner fire of devotion downloads important messages today that can awaken and fine tune our direction and path, like a discerning attunement of the highest order.

And Sunday 12/11 delivers a Mercury Salacia stepping stone, Mercury Quaoar new cycle (conjunction), Black Moon Venus great eliminator, Vesta Quaoar resource, Mercury Varuna great eliminator, Venus Ixion new cycle, and Black Moon Ixion great eliminator. Today’s Mercury Quaoar new cycle offers a powerful calibration of the personal mind with the universal mind, which takes our inner operating system to a whole new octave of clarity and insight. When we elevate beyond our personal attachments and preferences, we can see through the limitless realm of possibility and potential, where nothing is off limits or out of bounds. That return to universal oneness provides clarity to our individual purpose and soul contract, unifying our Divine Power and I AM Presence through the original template of our current expression.

The practice this week is a candle gaze meditation. Light a candle, and set a timer for 10 minutes. Hold your gaze on the flame of that candle, and stay present. Imagine the flame of the candle represents the flame of your own heart. When thoughts arise, let them come, but keep your attention on the flame. When the mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to the flame and start again. Keep a piece of paper and pen nearby, make a hashmark anytime your mind wanders and you consciously come back to the flame.

“Our own life has to be our message.” ~ Thich Nhat Hahn

Christine Clemmer

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