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Weekly Navigation Week of October 17 - 23, 2022

The week ahead delivers a dynamic alchemical gear shift, setting the stage for the upcoming New Moon in Scorpio/ partial solar eclipse on 10/25. Transformation is in the air, and anything can happen. When we align with the highest vision through the awakened lens of Love, we become active agents of alchemy, and nothing is off limits.

In the season of alchemical transformation, change is rapid and quantum leaps are available in the blink of an eye. For those who resist change or personal growth, this period of time can be challenging; and yet it’s important to remember that the greatest challenges yield the greatest potential for new growth and expansion. It’s all relative to the lens we’re looking through, and the lens of interpretation we’re bringing to the table through all of our experiences.

That lens of interpretation has recently undergone a massive upgrade, thanks to the recent Mercury retrograde from 9/9 – 10/2, and the recent recovery of the retrograde shadow on 10/16. We’re in new territory, with new features being revealed through our inner operating system. It’s not that the world is brand new; we’re brand new, and how we’re seeing what we’ve always seen is revealing new insights and unveiling truth. When we orient our eyes to Truth, from the awakened lens of the heart, we see from a higher lens of vision. Even though the world is still the world, we begin to uncover hidden dimensions and secret doorways of potential in the unfamiliar spaces that most people overlook or choose not to see.

When we think about expanding our horizons, we often times imagine exploring new territory beyond our current default settings; trying new things, imagining new possibilities. However, the greatest expansion of our horizon come from the stretching of the inner horizon within our own minds. As we shift and elevate the fabric of reality within our inner landscapes, we begin to experience that fabric of reality outside of ourselves, stretching and revealing new dimensions of potential.

We can only see the world relative to our current lens of consciousness. Even if someone else is standing next to us, insisting that there are different options or perspectives, we can only be right about what our minds will allow us to believe. Anytime we shift the lens within our own mind, we gain access to new possibilities never before imagined or realized. The horizontal axis of our reality is the Aries/Libra axis, which represents the balanced and equal feedback loop from our mind/body connection. When we start to understand that relationship, and unlock the power of our own minds, we begin to also access the door to shape shifting, alchemy, and transformation.

From that horizontal axis, a relationship is established. When we bring Love (as a frequency, not a feeling) into any relationship, we unlock the potential for transformation and alchemy. When we enter any relationship as the embodiment of Love, we become that active agent of alchemy, facilitating transformation of the highest octave. The key is to be more committed to the calibration of Love as a frequency, than the outcome of the transformation. In other words, if we become attached to outcomes, we might diminish the frequency of Love that actively unlocks the highest potential by being conditional or partial to our attachments or agenda. If we really want to know what the highest possibility is, we have to allow Love to reveal it all, crystal clear, and trust that any manifestation of Love is of the highest benefit of All, beyond our personal attachments or preferences.

Becoming visionary agents of transformation, we align ourselves to the highest possibility for All, and allow that frequency of Love to awaken potential in any and every scenario we find ourselves in. This week, the Sun and Venus both enter the sign of Scorpio, which activates the alchemical fires of transformation and transmutation. Nothing is what it appears on the surface, and nothing is bound to the physical appearances, labels, or identities. What happens in those alchemical fires of transformation is nothing short of divine manifestation, of the highest order. When we participate by allowing, instead of fighting against or forcing our judgments or agendas, the universe can work with us, through us, as Us. There is harmony and divine reverence in that space of quantum change, and the outcomes can literally blow our minds if we can allow it all to occur, without needing to control or manage from our ego’s seat of comfort.

Oftentimes, we may find ourselves fearing the unknown alchemical fires of transformation, simply because they can take us to places we normally wouldn’t dare of stepping into. And yet, that kind of surrendered alchemy will take us beyond the familiar comforts of stability and safety, and deliver us to our greatest potential. Be ready for the quantum leaps that are available, not only this week, but through the upcoming 2 eclipses. Trust and faith are required as we journey through the via combusta this week, igniting the fire of radical change.

The week begins on Monday 10/17 with a Mars Eris resource, Ceres Juno bridge, Sun Eris bridge, Sun Arcturus conjunction, Jupiter Ixion stepping stone, Venus Neptune great eliminator, Sun Mars manifestation, and Venus Vesta manifestation. Both the Sun and Venus activate powerful choice points in a bridge with Eris, intersected by Pluto. The transformation that can occur this week is off the charts, and the amplification of Arcturus as the Sun meets Venus conjunct Haumea reveals a bigger story as we connect the dots and find Truth in the hidden dimensions. Awakening the wholeness within ourselves (at the soul level as well as the cellular level) and awakening through our expansive lens of reality is epic. If we’re not willing to see ourselves clearly, we can’t fully realize the potential within ourselves, each other, or the current moment. As we start to see clearly, we awaken and unlock universal creative potential in every situation and divine unfolding. We are the embodiment of Universal Creative Potential, animated by the frequency of Love, on behalf of All.

On Tuesday 10/18, there’s a Uranus Pallas resource, Venus Eris bridge, Venus Arcturus conjunction, Venus Mars manifestation, and Black Moon Saturn great eliminator. The heart awakens higher wisdom, accessing the power to respond, as Love. Anytime our actions are motivated by the heart, we can trust in a higher alignment and manifestation of Truth. There’s a clearing of old outdated assumptions, labels, and rigid boundaries as the heart calls us forth to participate in a new dimension. The heart is truly leading the way, ushering us into a whole new world.

Wednesday 10/19 reveals a Black Moon Pallas communion, Sun Pluto stepping stone, Black Moon Uranus resource, and Mercury Chiron bridge. Our inner lens of vision finds the bridge of unification and wholeness that takes us to a higher octave of self realization. When we can see that every wound and karmic pattern has held the potential for our greatest mastery, we become fully empowered to see ourselves clearly. Every experience we’ve ever navigated has developed our strengths and wisdom, bringing us home to the awakened mastery within, including the mastery of our infinite soul, beyond this lifetime. Chiron represents the journey of healing that reveals our inner mastery, and then Chiron illuminates the rainbow bridge that takes us to a higher octave of soul integration with our Cosmic Self and authentic expression of Divine Light.

On Thursday 10/20, Venus forms a stepping stone with Pluto, followed by a Mercury Great Attractor resource, Sun Galactic Center resource, Saturn Pallas great eliminator, Venus Galactic Center resource, and Black Moon Sirius communion. Transformation of the heart takes us to a whole new dimension within ourselves. Anytime Pluto is involved, the heart will take us through experiences we might not otherwise consider. As the veils thin, we are ushered beyond the threshold of familiar comfort zones, delivered to a higher dimension of mastery and wisdom that can’t be defined (and can’t be denied). The choice to allow, trust, and go deep is key.

Friday 10/21 includes a Black Moon Chiron stepping stone, Black Moon South Node (karmic) manifestation, and Black Moon North Node (dharmic) resource. The great unveiler is busy today, and all that’s required is an open heart/ open mind to allow and witness all that’s being revealed. Our deep seated presence of the heart is what holds space for all to be illuminated and brought to plain sight. If we can’t see clearly, it’s important to pause, let go of attachments, and allow. Sometimes what we need to see is right in front of us, in the empty spaces behind the scenes of whatever we’re focusing on most. When we soften our gaze, we begin to see between the lines, and all is made clear.

On Saturday 10/22, Mercury forms a great eliminator with Uranus, followed by a Black Moon Ceres resource, Black Moon MakeMake stepping stone, Sun Venus new cycle conjunct Haumea, Black Moon Astraea manifestation, Mercury Saturn manifestation, Venus Sedna great eliminator, Sun Sedna great eliminator, and Black Moon Juno manifestation. Today’s Sun Venus new cycle sparks a new relationship with the heart, through the experiences beyond ourselves. How we see the world is a reflection of our own relationship with Self. What we notice, what we tend to, what we say yes to….it’s all a reflection of our own relationship with our heart. If we want to nurture a world of Love, unity, and freedom, we must also nurture that vision within ourselves, and become the embodied example, manifested in form and structure. Haumea connects the dots that everything we perceive outside of us is mirroring the same template and inner landscape from within. When we open our hearts to all of it, equally, we find the connections to elevate through Love, as Love. That elevation of Love brings us to the higher ground and crystalline structure that restores the mirror of Truth.

And Sunday 10/23 starts with a Black Moon Varuna subtle intimacy aspect, then Saturn stations direct, followed by a Black Moon Salacia stepping stone. Then Venus and the Sun both enter Scorpio, Juno stations direct, followed by a Mercury Pallas stepping stone, Venus Jupiter great eliminator, Black Moon Quaoar bridge, and Sun Jupiter great eliminator. The fact that Saturn stations direct while we're navigating the Via Combusta brings an alchemical fire of transformation to the defining narratives and social contracts we’ve been living in and holding onto. Remember, when crossing the threshold of alchemical transformation, it’s best to let go of any attachments to personal preferences or agendas, and allow the bigger picture and highest definition to take shape. The new order is coming online, if we can allow it to be revealed from the purity of Truth, instead of clinging to or forcing something from our personal attachments. As the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio, we are fully entering the metamorphic potential of shape shifting and transformation. We are not bound to anything in this physical dimension; there is infinite potential and available space to unlock the density of dormant unconscious debris and awaken the Light of creative potential. Anything can shift on a dime, when we realize that we are the infinite creative potential within everything. Embodying our awakened Self as Love is the key to unlocking hidden potential to shape shift, manifesting the highest vision, in form and structure.

The practice this week is a blindfolded trance dance. Find a safe space, like a living room or private yoga studio. Cover your eyes with a bandana, scarf, or blindfold, and notice how the other senses are heightened when the physical lens of outer vision is removed. Have a playlist of music, and allow the music to take you on a journey, beyond what your physical eyes can navigate or comprehend from your normal lens of vision within the boundaries of time/space. When we let go of attachments to what we think we’re seeing in the physical dimension, we’re free to explore new dimensions that transcend surface level appearances through time and space. Allow the music to move you; open to new ways of moving within your body, within the world… in harmony with the music that inspires each expression. Give yourself 15 – 30 minutes of intentional practice, or even longer if you have time. Afterwards, find a resting point on the floor, lying down in stillness for a few moments before taking off the blindfold and integrating back into your daily routine. Notice what shifts in your perception of reality, and notice what transforms through your practice.

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. He who looks outside, dreams. He who looks within, awakens.” ~Jung

Christine Clemmer

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